book review: Mastering Object Oriented PHP

cover-227x300I bought this eBook after seeing it mentioned in a tweet along with an online course.

First of all, I wasn’t familiar with the author Brandon Savage at all, and it’s self published, so there was no real guarantee of quality. But I just went ahead and bought it anyway.

With such a title, I was expecting something a little meatier, and I certainly don’t feel like I master PHP OOP after reading this book. I count 80 pages in my PDF reader. For the price tag of $39, it is quite expensive if you compare it to other programming eBooks out there. I did get a 10% discount though.

Brandon is an experienced developer, and that transpires throughout the book. And for me the real value in reading this book is to get an overview of the different current best practices in OOP PHP, and pitfalls to avoid.

I enjoyed the explanation of the interface pattern most and it’s something I hope I can apply in my future projects.

It would have been nice to have some extra material to accompany the book such as a fully functional sample program, or some video screencasts. Just a suggestion to make the offer more attractive.

If you do purchase the book, it will give you a discount on the upcoming online course that Brandon will be giving. Enrollment opens on March 5th.
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